Saturday, 25 February 2012

We have a Roof

The roof to the main part of the dwelling was finished this week. Obviously we are bias, but the brick and roof colours work well together, although we must wait until the upper level cladding is installed and painted before we  know have successful we have been. I will post pictures when the externals are complete.

The garage and alfresco roof still need to done, but the scaffolding needs to come down before that can happen. This requires the eaves, cladding and upper level painting to happen first. Hopefully, by the end of this week all the scaffolding will be gone.

Works seems to be progress with little delay between trades at the moment, which is pleasing after a long pause without a lot happening.

Lets hope it continues!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Decisive Action

We got a really good response from the builder about our concerns about delays with getting the roof on. The owner got involved and sacked the original roof sub contractor and appointed a new one.

Due to lead time on delivering materials, this will not result in an immediate start on site, but it was decisive response, which is pleasing. Hopefully, gutters and flashing will start late this week. They are also upgrading the roof lining from sarking to an Anticon blanket at no extra cost. This was a pleasant surprise.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Roof Frame Complete

The roof frames were finished off this week. Unfortunately the roof sheeting that we were expecting did not happen. We were told as soon as the roof sheeting was finished on the house being built nearby he would be straight to our place. From what we could see, they finished the other house on Tuesday. Friday was a write off due to rain, but the balance of the week was ok weather wise, although there were a few showers around. So we are unsure why the roof did not go on.

The supervisor did not call to give us an update this week. Our builder has a ‘we will call you, do not call us policy’ which means we do not have the supervisor’s phone number. We must wait in anticipation for his call every Friday. It is a ridiculous arrangement, particularly when you missed the call. Anyway, I made contact with their office late Friday afternoon to have a whinge and try and find out what was going on. Whinge I did, but we must wait until Monday for a call back from the supervisor to get an update on progress. I will not hold my breath – the last two times I have left a message for the supervisor he did not bother to call back.

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Despite the rain on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday some progress was made on the house last week. The frame for the racked ceiling to bed 1 has started and appears to be almost complete. The balcony roof to bed 1 is also in progress. The wall and roof frames are meant to be T2 treated (timber with the green tinge) and generally are, except for this most recent work. Must question this!

Showers are forecast for everyday next week. Fingers crossed some work still is able to be done.