Friday, 6 January 2012

Current Status

I know I said I would not complain about the builder's performance so far, but I must a little to set the scene about two issues that are looming for the new year. These are:
  1. Scaffolding - The sight of scaffolding being erected on 9th December filled us with great excitement. But unfortunately it has sat unused, except for the completion of a small amount of brickwork around the balconies. Our issue is that scaffolding is a provisional sum in contract, so it is just sitting there costing us money without giving us any benefit. Evenmore frustrating is that the builder is not back from their Christmas shutdown until the 23/1/12. They have told us the roof sheeting will be going on during the shutdown period, therefore the scaffolding is necessary, but they also said the roof framing "would definitely, subject to weather" be completed before the started of the Christmas shutdown. There was no rain, but the roof frames were not finished. We will wait an see what happens in the next couple of weeks, but we will be very annoyed if we are asked to pay for 6 weeks of scaffold hire with no progress on the house.
  2. Flooring - the particle board flooring between the two levels has been installed and exposed to the weather for 3 months now. Our research has indicated the protective coating on these boards is only designed to protect the material from moisture for 3 months. We urged the builder to put the roof on before Christmas to ensure the floor does not deteriorate, but were told the floor was in good condition. Maybe they are right, but I have asked for a site inspection when they return so it can be jointly reviewed. My fear is that if there is a problem it is not a simple fix and we will be facing further delays or we will end with a substandard product. We are very disappointed that the house is being exposed to such a risk.
The house looks 50 years old! The nails in the timbers are rusting and birds are nesting in framework. It is difficult to drive past our future house to see it in such poor condition.

Alhtough we are eager to get into the house, quality was more important than time. Now it appears were are not getting that either.

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