Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Site Meeting

I met with the Supervisor onsite this morning. The flooring has clearly been exposed to the weather for too long - all the joints have swollen and separated. Furthermore, the base of the upper floor frames has turned black due to continuing moisture exposure. Despite this, the builder believes the flooring and wall frames are structurally sound and will be providing a written statement from the supplier confirming this. They will also be sanding the floor to remove the bumps created at the joints from the swelling.

Provided the statement says what it should, then this is not a bad outcome. The alternative would be to rebuild the upper level and this would be time consuming and may not provide any different long term result. However, we are very annoyed our new house is water damaged and certainly not what we were expecting to pay for.

Another issue that needs further investigation is what appears to be mould growing on the wall frames. Mould in timber can be very difficult to get rid of and if not treated before the wall lining and insulation are installed we could be stuck with it forever. We will keep monitoring this one.

For some good news……

The elusive framer is starting back on Monday to complete the roof frames and he will be followed by the roofing sheeting contractor later that week or early the next. The supervisor has indicated that handover is roughly 8 – 10 weeks after the roof goes on. So fingers crossed we will be moving in sometime in April.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    So sorry to hear that you are having such a horrible time building, just as we did. One thing we did, which i would highly reccomend is getting a private inspector. It did not go down well with the builder and we found out why when the report came back. Our email is if you need the number.